About the Ombudsman Scheme

The objective of the Sri Lanka Insurance Ombudsman scheme is the satisfactory settlement of complaints between policy holders and the company that sold them the insurance policy.

How to Apply

Did you contact your insurance company but was not satisfied with the response given? Find out how to apply to the insurance ombudsman and find out how your grievance that needs to be redressed,

Contact us

We provide a free, friendly and accessible service. All complaints are individually dealt with so do expect a response approximately three to four weeks after sending it.


Welcome to the website of the Insurance Ombudsman of Sri Lanka. The website contains all information that you need to know in order to write to the Ombudsman and gain maximum benefit under the ombudsman scheme. This is a free service made available to the public, if you have any dispute relating to insurance, first contact the insurance company and come to us if there is no satisfactory solution. No special forms, no fee, only a signed letter with the policy reference number and name of the insurer briefly indicating your complaint is needed.