Ombudsman's Advice


DOs AND The DONTs: DO Follow Procedure and Protocol

If an accident occurs which you think is covered by the insurance policy you have taken – for example, if there is damage to your workplace or factory by a fire or electrical problems or if there is a loss by burglary, you must inform the insurance company immediately (apart from notifying the Police etc). Do not repair the damage caused by the accident without getting the approval of the insurer. It is a condition in your policy that you will inform the insurer and get his approval. If you do not abide by conditions set out in your policy, the insurer can reject liability. Many people do not read their insurance policies.

About Dr Wickrema Weerasooria
Having obtained his PhD from the London School of Economics, Dr Wicrema Weerasooria was an Attorney-At-Law, Supreme Court of Sri Lanka and Barrister and Solicitor, Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia. He was also distinguished former Public Administrator, Lawyer, Academic, Diplomat and Financial Consultant and was appointed the first Insurance Ombudsman of Sri Lanka in 2005.

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